Cross Border Courier

Leading global business partner specialized
in providing customized global transportation solution.

Cross Boarder E-Commerce Solution

Our solutions connect people and possibilities.
We deliver solutions that matter to you and your business,
turning global challenges into opportunities.


WarpEx Certified Cargo Screening Facilities.
We offer TSA qualified products that combine thechnology,
value and reliability you can depend on.

Cross Border Air, Sea, Land

WarpEx has all of the tools necessary to personalize logistics solutions for any business.
We focuses on the logistics
management efficiency and customer success by reducing the time and
cost of import and export services.

Your Address in other country

WarpEx provides an official mailing and physical street addresses in the USA,
Korea and Japan for those customers that
purchase goods in the USA, Korea and Japan for ultimate transport to a foreign destination.


  • Expertise in Global eCommerce business

  • Smart logistics

    Increase efficiency of our partner companies by equipping the cargo classification system with existing data analysis.

  • The connection between the world and Korea

    Provide a B2B, B2C platform between Korean customers and the US, China and Germany.
    Through local warehouse operation, the entire process of stocking to shipment is directly carried out at first hand, which minimizes the time required for logistics flow.

  • Safely delivered right into the customer’s hands

    24/7 tracking service of the entire process, from shipment to final consumer receipt of the product.




  • International express service

    International express service

    Providers of fast customs clearance and delivery services for e-commerce shipments, personal shipments, and commercial samples imported from countries including the United States, China and Germany.

  • Package forwarding service

    Package forwarding service

    Local warehouse operations in the US, China and Germany provides warehousing, inventory management, and delivery services.

    Our program that allows retailers to check the entire process from product arrival to consumer delivery at one glance. Thus, it decreases the need for extra attention on importing their products, instead allows to focus mainly on their sales activities.

  • Air and sea transport services

    Air and sea transport services

    Customers can select any shipping method by air or sea.

    Through direct booking of airlines and shipping companies, it is possible to reduce costs and ensure smooth transportation without schedule disruption.

  • China Weihai GDC(Global Distribution Center)

    China Weihai GDC(Global Distribution Center)

    From Wdihai GDC we can provide services inventory management, packing, sending e-commerce products to overseas.


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